Sunday, May 22, 2011

Climbing Ladders Causes Brain Damage

It's a proven fact that climbing ladders causes brain damage and it begins on that very first rung. OSHA doesn't have a way of preventing it, so it goes untreated and even unannounced.  Therefore, ladders don't come with safety stickers cautioning the Climber, and we see the damage daily.  Of course, it's not too severe at first, but it is there and noticeable to those closest to the Climber. It sometimes begins with memory loss. With that very first step you forget what it was like on the ground, your feet on solid earth.  The Climber gets a heady sensation of power over those still on the ground, which makes sense as I hear the air gets thinner with the higher altitude. However, while it is intoxicating, it is also mind-numbing.