Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Will You Choose?

Everyone has a vision for their life, something they either see themselves doing or somewhere they want to live or visit. They have dreams that they hope will one day come true. Yet, not everyone accomplishes what they spend so much time talking about doing one day because, well, most times they’re too busy talking. Several years ago I had a friend, Brian, who was great at coming up with idea after idea of ways he could make money or businesses he could start. However, he was so busy coming up with ideas that nothing was ever really accomplished. He would always begin, but never had the stamina to see anything to fruition. Sooner or later, the talking must stop and the walking must begin.

As I’ve talked with people about their dreams and why they have or have not gone for them, I have discovered three personality types in the equation.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing up or just Growing Old

When it came to growing up I was usually a year or two behind everyone else my age. I wasn’t “slow” in any way. I was a straight A student when I wanted to be. I’m not referring to my physical form, either, because by seventh grade I was the tallest in my family and although I was also the scrawniest, it wasn’t for lack of eating. I just grew upward as opposed to outward. No, what I mean by growing up is simply that the younger kids had the cooler toys that I was told I was too old to play with.