Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Should All Wear Diapers

          When a catastrophe happens such as the theater shooting in Colorado or if someone notices that people are overweight and lack control of their eating habits or are too lazy to exercise, Big Brother and its apostles tend to give knee-jerk reactions and wish to implement extreme measures.  At times, I wonder if they even hear the logic they seem to believe to be sound as it spews from their mouths.  I worry about people that are so zealous in their beliefs that they don’t see the flaws in their thinking.

          For instance, take what happened during the premiere of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.  Fourteen people were killed and many injured by one crazy individual with a gun.  That it was tragic there is no doubt and my heart goes out to the families that were affected.  A few months ago I visited Virginia Tech where in 2007 students and professors were gunned down without rhyme or reason.  Thirty two people lost their lives that day and the campus is still feeling the after effects.  There is no sense to these shooting sprees.  However, while we need to find a way to prevent it from happening again, the answer is not to take away the Second Amendment.
          Slow thinkers, such as Michael Bloomberg who wants to take everything away from the people of America, believe that tragedies such as these are proof that the American citizen should not be allowed to own a firearm.  “We need to keep our police safe by taking guns off of the streets.”  However, the problem with that is the firearms in the hands of the vast majority of citizens pose no threat to anyone.  The further problem with that mindset is I highly doubt criminals will suddenly start obeying the gun laws.
          “Let’s go rob a bank, Joe.”
          “Sorry, we’re not allowed to use guns and my compound bow is only good for one shot.”
          “Well, damn, there go my plans for today.”
          I don’t know about you, but I just don’t see that working.  Criminals are criminals because they don’t care about the law.  While the police of our country do a great job, they cannot be everywhere protecting everybody.  People need that security of knowing that they can protect what is theirs, even their very life.  We never would have survived the revolution if men had not been able to bear arms and a nation that fears the people having guns is a country on the brink of oppression and government occupation.
          They do it to everything, though; not just guns.  There is a proposed ban on sugar-sweetened drinks larger than sixteen ounces in New York City, again by Michael Bloomberg.  Why?  Because some people are too fat and have no control.  So, because some people are lazy gluttons the rest of us who know enough is enough are being punished.  It is not government’s job to protect us from ourselves.
           A friend of mine agreed with Bloomberg and was adamant that there was a problem that has to be dealt with.  I agreed, but didn’t think a ban for all was the solution.  However, that same friend soon faced a similar predicament in his life.  He was about to face changes in his work because others were not able to accomplish what they were supposed to and he was justifiably upset.  He was about to suffer due to other’s incompetence.  However, he was able to bypass the disruption to his life by sharing the following analogy.
          A teacher has a classroom of thirty five students that were her responsibility to educate.  Poor Johnnie had a bowel problem and sometimes couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time.  Obviously, this was a serious issue as it caused quite a disruption to classroom activities, not to mention a mess that had to be cleaned up.  The teacher’s solution was to put the entire class in diapers because Johnnie had a problem.  It was totally unfair as well as a ludicrous solution.  However, that is exactly what the government’s first reaction to most things is.  Soon we will be a nation of diaper wearers sipping on juice boxes.
          My friend, by the way, was proud of his analogy until I used it on him with Bloomberg’s answer to obesity.  I thought the anecdote fitting and still do.
          The solution is not to punish the nation, but to bring harsher repercussions to the criminal.  In a cry to protect the rights of evil doers, we have stripped the rights of the honest citizen.  In order to ensure that everyone is treated fairly, we have taken the true fairness out of our system.  Political correctness is incorrect.  We do not need to weaken the rights of Americans.  We need to strengthen the punishment of those who refuse to abide by the rules of our society and strip them of all rights and privileges.  If people were more afraid of what would happen to them, then maybe they would be more reluctant to commit the atrocity in the first place.
          There will always be those who desire to crap on others and cause chaos.  However, they are the only ones who should be wearing the diaper.  I for one will be carrying my firearm while sipping my Super Big Gulp as I’ve learned not to shit on others.
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