Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Traditional Purchase

It was the heaviest storage tub I pulled out of the garage as we began the Christmas chaos at our house.  I almost needed Zac’s help carrying it inside, but let’s not tell him that.  He thinks he is too macho as it is.  I get enough “Your getting old, Pops” jokes, now.  We have about a dozen storage tubs reserved strictly for the Christmas season.  Each one is a hodge podge collection of indoor and outdoor decorations, trees, and ornaments.  Not this one.  This gray tub is filled with nothing but Christmas themed coffee mugs of every shape, size, and design.  There’s no way I’ll use them all between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, and yet, I know I’ll buy another one this year.  I can’t help it.  It’s tradition.

The girls have their traditional purchases, as well.  Every year, Char will buy a Santa Claus, Teri a snowman, and Sarah a nutcracker.  The size doesn’t really matter or the style, just the object.  They wait for one to catch their eye and then scoop it up.  Soon, I’ll have a storage tub for each Christmas character filled to overflowing.

We also do the same thing for Disney Christmas ornaments.  It’s become tradition to drive over to Downtown Disney, walk around the Marketplace, maybe grab a bite to eat at Earl of Sandwich, and then take our time in the Christmas Shoppe.  With a selective eye, we will pick over the choices and ornament sets until we have one or two that leap out at us and then we’ll hurry home, eager to put them in place.

These purchases have become tradition.  I’ll bet you do the same.  There’s something you buy every year simply because it’s part of the Christmas holiday.  I asked some of my friends and followers on the social media sites I’m a part of what they bought every year and received a variety of answers.  Shirley buys chocolate covered cherries.  So does Char.  Just to see the box makes them think of the Christmas season.  For Wendy it is icicles and for Alice peppermint ice cream is a must.  Carol buys a new Christmas book every year.  None of these are major purchases, just small traditions that mean the holiday is upon us and bring a smile upon our face, like the eggnog that Coni buys to keep in the refrigerator, but never drinks.  They are pieces of holiday comfort.

These purchases are as much a part of the holiday ritual as Christmas caroling and mailing Santa a letter, which I still do, by the way.  He never writes back, though.  I may be on the naughty list, not sure.  Okay, I’m sure, but it was worth it.

This Year's Disney Ornaments
The holidays are full of small traditions that sometimes go without much fanfare, because we’re just used to doing them.  We have certain foods we buy, songs we listen to and movies we watch.  Perhaps there are even special places we visit, such as our trip to Downtown Disney.  A little way away from us is a town called Christmas, Florida, and every year, people will travel there to mail their holiday cards just so the envelope has the stamp of Christmas on it. 

The girls buy those Life Saver boxes that resemble books for the kids stockings and I buy a bag of mixed nuts to crack open while watching The Grinch who Stole Christmas.  We only buy these things during December, because that’s when they mean the most to us.  I have more Christmas ties and themed socks than I will ever wear, and yet, I try to buy another cute one each year.  The same is true for T-shirts and sweat shirts.  There is just something about picking up the new ones, however, that says it’s Christmas. 

I’d wager you have the same story.  It may not be a tie or chocolate covered cherries, but there’s something you just have to purchase each December merely because it’s Christmas and tradition.  You would just feel off if you didn’t do it.  So, what is it?  What’s your holiday purchase?  If it’s good, I may have to start another tradition.

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