Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dead Man Walking

It’s the phrase used for the person heading for the final punishment, the death sentence. They’ve had their last supper, said their peace and a priest is now following him, ready to administer Last Rites.  His life is reduced to just a few more breaths.  All he can see is the end.  He’s already dead - except for the act of dying, that is.  A technicality that will soon be rectified unless that red phone rings with the Hail Mary miracle that spares him.  It doesn’t happen often.

You would think that this final march only happens on death row.  That’s not the case.  Actually, if you thought about it you probably saw a couple of  Dead Men Walking today.  You might even know one.  It might just be you.

It doesn’t matter gender.  It’s not about career or even lifestyle.  It’s all about existence and the static way people go through life.  There is nothing that excites them anymore; nothing that they look forward to doing.  They merely go through each day following the same routine, the same pattern day in and day out.  He’s dead - all except for the act of actually dying.

Life comes with a purpose and when a person gives up on that purpose, they fall into existing.  People have dreams, goals, and it’s those ambitions that make them wake up with a pep in their step.  There’s just something different about a person with a purpose and a dream.  They’re positive, upbeat people.  They’re full of energy because their purpose fuels their drive.  They have something to live for that keeps them pushing forward.

Existing is no way to live.  Depression sets in.  Ambition becomes apathy.  Dreams become drudgery.  Without purpose, there’s no hope.  These are negative people who mope around with a chip on their shoulder.  They just want to be left alone to wallow in their misery.  They see no future because they have squandered their past and their present is a pity party of regret.  He’s the Eeyore in his little band of friends.  That is, if he manages to keep any, because he rarely wishes to mingle with others.  That would take too much energy.  His weekends are spent sitting through reruns of sitcoms he enjoyed growing up.

This is a sad existence.  They act as if they’re already dead but don’t have the decency to just lie down.  These are the zombies of our day.  They look real but are mere hollow carcasses trudging through life.  Don’t allow this to be you.  Permit yourself to discover your purpose and chase after the dream you allowed to slip through your fingers.  Don’t just exist.  Thrive.  Take chances.  Risk rejection for in the risk you just may find the fulfillment of accomplishment.  Don’t be a Dead Man Walking.  Instead, be a Dreamer Soaring.
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