Monday, March 4, 2013

What’s Next? A Confused Life

Reaping the Harvest is done!  Outside of promoting it, praying people buy it and some are nice enough to review it, there’s nothing creative left to do with it.  The sequel, the Lore Master, has been started, but won’t be the next project to see print.  So, what is next?

If you’ve been reading The Mess for any length of time - and shame on you if you haven’t - then you have come to realize that I blog about several things.  There is my self-abasement side where I reveal my awkwardness at life as well as how dysfunctional of a male I can be at times, such as in the post, The Season of My Ignorance.  There is also my snippy side where I poke fun at either other people or businesses.  For an example check out It’s In the Service.  Furthermore, there’s the more serious and philosophical posts that consider the inhabitants of planet Earth and go “What the Hell?”  Check out Emotional Vampires for an idea.  Finally, there are my inspirational posts where I truly wish to help people reach for their dreams and improve their lives, such as in Achievers of Dreams.

I know, I know.  Blogs are supposed to follow a theme.  Pick one topic and write about it the experts tell you.  Yet, here I am without rhyme or reason just spouting off with whatever pops into my head and remains long enough to make it down on paper.  It’s just a jumbled Mess of thoughts.  And that’s why it’s called The Mess That Is Me.

The Mess is merely small snippets of what I couldn’t rein in and had to get out.  There’s more to each story.  More anecdotes.  More thoughts.  More Mess.  The blog is merely a taste, a sampling if you will.  What’s coming next is, as Paul Harvey would say, “the rest of the story.”

The Mess That Is Me began September of 2010.  Actually, it began May 29, 1966, when the doctor smacked air into my lungs and my mother said I looked like I was hit by a truck.  Documenting it all, however, began just over two years ago.  And that’s what’s coming next.

A Confused Life is a collection of essays built around my more chaotic experiences through this journey called life.  Some titles readers will recognize from the blog.  However, it’s not the same writing.  Not completely.  Everything I held back saying before will now be added, making the essays longer with new material.  As I like to say, it’s The Mess on Steroids.

Of course, there will be newer writings, as well, such as Up in Smoke, Get a Real Job, and As Long as No One was Hurt.  Each will offer a glimpse into the Mess that resides within my grey matter and that which I have endured.  There will be humor as well as insight and everyone should be able to walk away with something.

Life is to be shared and A Confused Life is my way of sharing mine with you as the first of a series of essay collections.  The characters are real for they are my family and friends and the wacky characters I meet when I venture off of my back porch.  Already in its final stages, it will be the next book published by the end of May so keep your eyes out for it.  Until then check out Reaping the Harvest and continue visiting me here at The Mess.  We enjoy your company.

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  1. I always look forward to reading, the Mess and the glimpses you offer into your daily life and past. It sounds like your next chapter is going to be even more fun and after all, who doesn't perform better on steroids? LOL Just imagine the hybrid of your mess and my mess while we stand on the roof of a high rise building and my drunk grandmother yells at you reminding you that there is nothing to be afraid of. I could just keep going... : )

    1. LOL..And that is a Mess. And as I always say if you don't laugh at yourself, someone else will, so beat them to the punch. Thanks for commenting, Stephanie!