Sunday, May 12, 2013

Be Our Guest

The girls and I are social creatures.  When we aren’t joining others on the town for dinner or dancing, our home is abuzz with activity from small gatherings around the grill to elaborate themed parties with costumes.  Every weekend has us in the company of friends.

Since we share so many of our weekends as well as so much of our lives, I wanted to share The Mess with you, as well.  In our home, we have an open door policy where everyone is welcome.  I would like to open the door to the Mess and invite you in.  Saturdays will be our day for Guest Bloggers.  Join me on my porch and have your say.  Would you like to discuss your book with my readers?  Now’s your chance.  Have an essay or article to share?  Feel free to tell us what’s on your mind.  This is your opportunity to speak.

Why Be a Guest Blogger?
Besides being a fun experience, guest blogging can introduce you to whole new audience.  It gives you exposure that was unavailable to you before, and really, isn’t that what we, as writers, want?  As you provide links back to your site or to your books, it will, hopefully, gain you a wider audience, which translates into more sales.

Furthermore, it helps you build relationships with other bloggers, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy helping my friends to achieve their dreams, and I am more likely to go out of my way for a friend than a stranger.  By guest blogging, you help solidify those relationships, and they will help you in building your platform.
It’s also a great tool to assist search engines in finding you.   The more links that lead back to your site, the more Google and others will pick you out in a search.

A Few Rules
There’s only one - do not bash or slander a specific individual.  Anyone who has read the Mess, and hopefully you have, knows that there is really no rhyme or reason to my posts.  I talk about family, writing, and the frustrating things about life.  Therefore, feel free to offer your own take on life or anything else you wish.  How do you want to introduce yourself to my readers?  Make your first impression a positive one.

What To Do
Guest posts appear on Saturdays.  I’ll only post one per Saturday, so that you get the spotlight and will share it with my social media friends for the next week.  Let me know that you’re interested and what you would like to write about and we’ll select a date for posting.

Then it’s simple.  Send me your article and any pictures and links you would like to include, making sure you have the right to post the pictures.  I’ll take care of the rest and your article will be up by noon eastern standard time.

So, be our guest and share your story with the Mess.  The door is open and we’d love to have you.

* * * * *

Email me if interested in being a guest at The Mess that Is Me.


  1. Hi Robbie,
    I do enjoy your writings and though my book is not a happy subject, and it is kind of a social hush, hush topic, I wrote it anyway. My book began as journals after a tragedy, and you may be familiar with it, as I've been one of your fans for a while now; I was talked into publishing it when I came back to life after dark.

    It have been proven to me that when we give our grief a voice, it stops defeating us. So, after the death of my son Danny, there was nothing more I could do to undo that, but there was something I could do for those left in the heap of grief after the suicide of someone they love. What I did was reach out and let them tell their story...

    If you feel it might be a book that deserves a spotlight on your blog page, please email me and let me know. Not everyone is comfortable with the subject, and you may be one of them, and that's okay.

    It's good to see you here. I wish you all the love your heart can hold, and tell you to keep writing!


    1. I agree that writing can be very therapeutic. Some of my stories started out as emotional releases. By all means feel free to submit a piece for one of our guest spots. I am glad you enjoy my writing. Thank you :)

    2. Thank you Robbie. I'll put something together, and hopefully their will be a soul who needs a hand to hold. I don't want to rip hearts out, or arrange a pity party. I want people to know that suicide is nobody's fault.

      By virtue of the word "Suicide" the word "Culpability" seems to attach itself to the stigma, and I want them to know that is the major myth.

      If anyone who has lost a loved one this way has to know that if they knew their loved one was about to die, then they would have stopped them. If not, I don't believe we have that power.

      Thank you for giving this topic a platform. See you on June 22!

      Joanne Mazzotta

  2. Hello! I'd love to be a guest blogger. I can't seem to use the link to apply!

  3. I'll email you. ;-)

  4. I would love to do a guest blog on The Pinata-Maker's Daughter!

  5. Atta baby Mr. Cox, keeping it fresh! I'll do a skype interview in my bath robe lol Your site would go viral!

    1. That would definitely be something lol. Feel free to write for us anytime, James!