Friday, June 14, 2013

Living on the Big Screen

Last night, the girls and I went to see Iron Man 3.  We saw it in 2D as opposed to 3D, because 3D gives me a headache.  The effects are usually lost on me, anyway, because I’ve never managed to figure out how to get those special glasses to work with my normal glasses.  I have a hard enough time just seeing with my normal glasses, as it is.

We were going to see the movie because to me certain movies just require a big movie screen when you first view it.  Super hero movies fall into this category.  So do Sci-Fi movies, fantasy, and movies with a ton of special effects.  You need the movie theater sound system and massive screen in order to truly appreciate everything that was shoved into the film.  Explosions, alien attacks, and car chases are just better on that 30 foot by 70 foot screen.

Some movies, however, can wait until the DVD version hits, which is much cheaper than the four of us going out to the movies.  I mean, what’s the point of watching a chick flick on the big screen.  Of course, I know why the ladies wanted to see Magic Mike large and loud, but the girls said that after seeing that movie, the smaller screen was good enough for what they saw.

I’m not trying to make enemies of the script writers for those romances.  I just don’t see the point with today’s economy of being a peeping tom on someone else’s affair with a hundred other people in a theater.  The television seems a more fitting medium for that love affair the girls are forcing me to watch.  If someone is going to make me cry like a silly school girl because their heart was just torn to pieces, I want it to be in the privacy of my own home in my recliner with my own popcorn.

Of course, with the advent of chat rooms and social media, people believe everything needs to be thrown up on the big screen, so to speak.  YouTube is filled with asinine videos that should have been deleted as soon as they were recorded.  I now know more about people and their exes and bosses than I ever wanted to know.  There doesn’t seem to be a filter for some people as to what is worthy of big screen attention and what is more suitable for the more intimate screen at home.  There is a bad habit of putting too much out there that can never be taken back.  Furthermore, once it’s in writing, it can never be denied and rarely is it ever lived down.  You may bring about results that lead to cancellations more than box office hits.

Don’t get me wrong.  You should be living large and loud, chasing your dreams and bragging about your journey.  I enjoy seeing the successes of my family and friends as well as participating in their celebrations.  Those are big screen events.  What’s more, I want to stand alongside them and support them when tragedy strikes.  We are here to help each other make it through this journey called life.

However, some things are meant to remain within families and couples.  They are not meant for a larger audience and the motives of those who share such information are soon called into question.  Be careful which script you put out there for everyone and anyone to read.  Odds are you are going to acquire some negative reviews, and then it won’t even appear in the smaller living rooms.

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  1. I know what you mean, we've just come back from Man of Steel in 3D. Wouldn't have been the same in my front room!

    1. Those scenes just need a big screen. Thanks for visiting and commenting :)

  2. This is the reason it's so much harder to get anything other than big budget "tentpole" pictures approved out here in Los Angeles. No one wants to do little movies anymore because no one wants to see them in a theater.

    1. I think some of it is just the cost. I don't know how theaters are there, but in my town it's pretty expensive. We just don't go that often, for any movie really. Do you write for the movies?

      Thanks for visiting and commenting!