Thursday, June 6, 2013

The (Almost) Perfect Daughters Blog Tour

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Mess to introduce to you an new author, Nonnie Jules.  Okay, to be honest, there wasn’t a Mess scheduled for today since it’s Thursday, but when Nonnie asked me to participate in the blog tour for her book, I was more than happy to oblige.  After all, if we’re anything here at the Mess, it’s happy and obliging.  Furthermore, once I discovered the book was on the family, I was more than ready to assist as the family is one of my dearest topics as readers of the blog will attest.

So, let’s meet Nonnie, shall we?

Born in the mid-70s in Texas, her family then relocated to Shreveport, LA where “red dirt toads and pickup trucks go hand-in-hand” when she was only three.  She still lives there today with her husband, a local pastor, two darling daughters, and there many animals.  One of the things I like about Nonnie, besides her enthusiasm, is her honesty.  While her husband is a pastor and they have raised their daughters in a Christian home, Nonnie will tell you that although her husband’s “faith is extremely strong in God,” she is “still trying to get there.”  There is no hypocrisy here, no façade to blind us into believing she is anything but what the rest of us are - human.

Her first book, The Good Mommie’s Guide to Raising Almost Perfect Daughters: 100 Tips on Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help but Love, is just that, a book from a mother’s heart to other mothers.  Check out this tip from the book:

*Tip from the book: 
 WHEN SHE IS A PRE-TEEN, SHE WILL START NOTICING WHAT PEOPLE HAVE.  TEACH HER TO PAY MORE ATTENTION TO WHAT PEOPLE ARE.  I find it truly disheartening that girls as young as 8 and 9 years of age recognize NAME-BRAND labels.  They know more about a Christian Louboutin shoe (and if you don't know, as I didn't, it's the shoe with the red soles) than they do about their 2nd and 3rd grade spelling words.  This is something that should be immediately discouraged.  When our daughters come home saying "Little Sally wore a pair of Guess jeans to school today.  I want a pair", this is the PERFECT time to explain to her that clothes and the labels on them, do not MAKE you a good person.  They won't make you an honest person, nor will they make you a loving person.  Let her know that YOU want her to care more about people's character and morals than what types of clothing they put on their body.  Then let her know that when she's old enough to have a job and pay her own bills, that's when she can become friends with Mr. Guess!

Nonnie is quick to point out that she is not a doctor of any kind, she doesn’t have a degree in child psychology, and by no means believes she is perfect.  She is the mother os an adult daughter wh she has seen through high school, four years of college, and three years of grad school, who came out practically perfect, and a teenage daughter that she is equally proud of.  Her research is Life Experience, which she shares with us in her humorous manner.  With her tips she adds real life situations and the methods used to fulfill each of her 100 tips.  You can find out for yourself as The Good Mommies’ Guide is now on sale on Amazon for $.99 until June 17th, the length of her blog tour.

She also has a children’s book, Kirsten and the Big Blue Tree, due out at the end of June and a novel in August.  That’s probably another reason I like Nonnie, like me she covers different genres, including poetry and short stories, which I hope she shares with us soon.

I’ll allow Nonnie to share the closing comments, but before I go, I want to thank her for appearing her on the Mess.  It’s been a pleasure talking with her via email and Twitter.  We wish her great success in her writing and look forward to what’s to come.

It’s all yours, Nonnie….

I would like to thank you all so much for allowing me this opportunity to introduce myself to you as well as my book.  The (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS Blog Tour runs through June 17th, so stop by my website at to check out each leg of the tour.  Also, while you're there, do register to win the grand prize of a $25 Visa Gift Card (which will be awarded at the end of the tour).  Stop by the site every day, visit each blog listed and get another entry into the drawing. The more times you enter, the better your chances of winning.  Also, please check out my blog @ and if you like what you read there, then by all means FOLLOW me, as well as on Twitter @nonniejules and Facebook: Nonnie Jules.  I love hearing from my readers so email your comments and suggestions of what you'd like to see on my blog or web page in the future at

When I embarked on this journey of putting together my first blog tour, I ran into a few obstacles in the form of PEOPLE when I was seeking hosts.  When I approached Robbie Cox, he immediately and without any hesitation said "YES, I will do it". In that moment, I knew that I had come across one of GOD's true and genuine Angels.  The human kind that willingly extends himself to help someone else.  The kind of person you will always find CHEERING ON THE NEXT MAN!  Robbie, I will never be able to THANK YOU enough for all of your kindness shown to me on this journey.  You have restored my faith in the fact that there are still candles out there willing to light other candles.  Where I come from, if you say something 3 times, you really, really mean it.  Rob, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

* * * * *

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