Friday, October 25, 2013

If Life Were Like My Twitter Feed

I think he lives up there
Life can be so complicated at times.  People can be even more complicated.  As a matter of fact, I think it is because people are complicated that life becomes that way.  Okay, perhaps complicated is not the right term.  Idiots, morons, douche bags, jack asses, all of these are probably better terms.  However, for the sake of the politically correct, I will refrain from using those and stick with the all-encompassing complicated.  People are just obnoxious and sometimes life would be simpler without them.  The obnoxious ones, that is.  It would be easier and more peaceful if people were like my Twitter feed.

Currently, I have 8595 people following me on Twitter.  I don’t say that to brag because to be honest I doubt most of them even know why they are following me other than someone saw my name and clicked Follow.  I say this merely to point out the diversity of people whose 140 character tweets I see streaming through the scrolling newsfeed. 

And I do mean diverse.

The bulk of people I follow are writers.  However, that’s a broad term, because under it falls so many genres that I think I have everything covered from Christian fiction to hot sizzling erotic fiction one woman writes for her husband and sells.  Although, to be honest, I’m not sure if I have any Western authors on my list of followers.  Do they have the internet on the lone prairie?

Then there are musicians, artists, moms, dads, teachers, politicians, celebrities, porn stars, sane people, crazy people, people in America, people who can’t even spell America, and then my son.  I have Christian rights activists as well as gay rights activists.  I have liberals and conservatives and even a few who don’t give a damn.  I have some that tweet all day long and some who have never sent one single tweet since they signed up.  There are some who only tweet in languages I don’t understand and I am still trying to figure out why I followed them back.  In other words, my Twitter feed is a great representation of the world population.

Sometimes you have to break away from the pack
However, out of that 8,595 followers…wait, 8,597….I perhaps interact with a couple of hundred and that is a generous estimation.  There are a few that I converse with and will retweet on an occasional basis and then there are some that I do on a daily or even hourly time frame.  Some have drifted over to my other social media sites and some are hard core Twitter only fans.  The great thing is how we interact.  We are there to help each other fulfill our dreams while having a laugh and sometimes even a cry together.  The ones I talk to do not judge me and I do not judge them.  We have come to accept that everyone is different and that that is okay.  There are times we even share our blogs and status updates to help them get their message across.  The term, I think, is tolerance, and those on my Twitter feed have it.

Well, most of them have it.  To be quite honest, there have been times when a scuffle has come up and lobs of profanity and insults have been hurled across the stream of tweets.  I can understand that it happens once in awhile.  I also understand the importance of standing up for what is right and calling people out on their bullshit, pardon the bluntness.  We actually need more of that in the offline world.  If people were as brazen in their daily life as they are in the Twitter stream perhaps more things could be accomplished and changed in this world.  Furthermore, if people were more tolerant and accepting of other people’s lifestyles and cultures, we wouldn’t have as much profanity and stupidity being hurled through the news media.  Not everything is a fight, but when the important fight comes along, you need to stand up.

I enjoy watching my Twitter feed most of the time.  I find it funny when a bible verse is followed by a discount on an erotic novel.  I enjoy the way it just flows by me without judgment or censorship.  I am free to pick and chose what I want to respond to and what I wish to join without someone trying to force it upon me or telling me I am wrong for doing so.  I can engage in great conversations while scrolling the commercials of bands, artists, writers, and those peddling erectile dysfunction pills.  I also get to meet new people every day and to me that is the best part of all.  The world is diverse and we need to accept that and move on.  You don’t have to agree with someone else’s views or even their lifestyle, but you do have to respect their right to live it.  What you don’t like, you can always allow to just roll right on by you.

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  1. Nice post Robbie! I'm happy to be one of the hundreds that actually interacts with

    1. I consider myself lucky as well :) Thanks for visiting!