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The Mess Welcomes Theodore Webb

Meet Theodore Webb
This week at the Mess I am happy to have Theodore Webb, a poet, novelist, short story writer and playwright.  Mr. Webb is a co-founding member of Morgantown Poets, a monthly literary arts event serving the literary arts community in north-central West Virginia. He has composed numerous poems, including "America in Dreams," published by Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel and “Star Bus,” selected for Mountain Line’s 2010 “Poetry on the Move” program to feature poetry with Morgantown's public transportation.

Webb is the author of the dystopian fiction novels, "Lifeline,” “Crucible,” “Colossus” and “Inferno,” the first four books in “The STARLING Series," available for Kindle on (Note: All four books are available as one volume, titled, "The STARLING Connection.") His short stories are also available online, including "Desperate Engine" on Amazon and "Family Hour" available in various formats on

To find Webb's books easily, type "Theodore Webb The STARLING Connection" into's search.  You can also join him by giving him a  "Like" Facebook: him on Twitter: Theodore Webb @STARLINGCONNECTor visit his author's blog:

But for now, grab that morning cup of coffee and sit back as Theodore shares with us this morning.

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Thanks Robbie Cox for welcoming me to The Mess. I LOVE Robbie's blog! I fully agree with Robbie on the idea of "authors helping authors." I do the same on

Moreover, I'm glad to see the "Bloggers against Bullies" button/link to the group's Facebook page on The Mess. I'm thankful for the efforts of Robbie and others to fight bullying. If you haven't done this already, be sure you read Robbie's Aug. 12 post on The Mess, titled "Bloggers against Bullies." Great work Robbie and Stephanie Neighbour. Thank you.

Robbie, Stephanie and supporters, I share your mission to fight bullying. Through writing, I strive to build consciousness within myself and, through sharing my creative work, with others.

In this spirit, I'll share an excerpt from the dedication of my dystopian fiction series, "The STARLING Connection."

"This series is dedicated to all those who have been ignored, cast out, ostracized, harassed or beaten; especially, to all those who have been attacked, exploited, abused and/or murdered. The STARLING Connection is for all who have risked everything in the search for their deepest selves, who pay the full price of true friendship, love, understanding and compassion for others."
"The STARLING Series" examines bullying on all levels of society, from top to bottom, to build a deeper understanding of the issue.

"STARLING" shares the story of 15-year-old high school freshman Simon Laramie. Through Simon's voice, we learn what life is like in the near future.

"Silver-metallic aircraft with sleek lines that look like spaceships fly over us several times a day. Every town is assigned at least one, the cities have several. Everyone calls them 'The Drones.'"

Simon explains that in the so-called "U.S.A." of 2045, everyone is completely "connected" via a massive system, SUPERNET. Everyone's constantly watched via electronic devices, radio frequency identification (R.F.I.D.) chips implanted into everyone's bodies, and drones.

Officials claim these draconian measures "provide perfect peace and security." However, as we soon learn, it is in fact the system itself, enabled by powerful new technologies, that represents the utmost violence.

Simon initially has high hopes when he enters high school, but quickly finds himself attacked by a gang of ruthless genetically-engineered bullies.

"We just call them G’s in school. I’ve heard G’s are designed from birth to compete at the top professional national level, sport-wise. Pretty wild, huh? I’ve heard people say that to compete at that level, G’s must be designed to be way more aggressive and violent than regular people."

Simon survives the bullies' attack, thanks to a hard-charging, rebellious and brilliant senior named Jaya Ceyes.

Jaya introduces Simon to Flower Wildwind and Peter Arnold. Together, the teens embark on a mission to break the SUPERNET by starting their own independent website. STARLING allows everyone to share their voices without being censored.

But giving STARLING life is only the beginning of the challenges facing the teens.

I wrote the "STARLING Series" to prove Love is Greater than Fear and Freedom more Real than False Promises of "Perfect Security." My deepest goal is for the "STARLING Series" to share love, friendship and hope with those fighting to survive, to let you know you are not alone.

The "STARLING Series" is available digitally on The e-book can be read on any smartphone, tablet, PC and MAC via free Kindle reading apps:

Here's the Amazon link for the "STARLING Series." Share this on your Facebook page and Twitter!

"The STARLING Connection" by Theodore Webb

Thanks again Robbie for welcoming me to your blog. Keep up the great work!

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Thanks, Theodore, for joining us here at the Mess.  I appreciate your efforts as well in taking a stand against bullies and look forward to checking out your Starling series.  I am sure several of our readers will as well.  Come back and join us anytime.  I also love the hat!

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  1. Robbie, thank you again for welcoming me to your blog. I appreciate you & your work. If any readers have any questions about anything I've shared here, feel free to ask, get in touch, etc. Happy writings all!

    1. Thank you, Theodore, for being a part of our Mess. It was great having you here.