Friday, November 1, 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

These are the ones I am most thankful for
Last month, a good friend, Stephanie Neighbour or, challenged her readers to make some positive challenges in their life.  It was a 30-day challenge if I remember correctly and, always eager to try something I new, I decided to change my socks and boxers to see what happened.  It was a refreshing feeling and I now plan on doing it monthly.

However, it also made me think of the 30-day challenge concept as a good way of making valuable changes in one’s life or in the lives of those around us.  As I look at the world right now, it seems that there is quite a bit of negativity and complaining going on.  I’m not saying that it isn’t justified, but it seems to be the prevailing theme in society these days and it is truly sad because there is so much to be thankful for.  I don’t know about you, but I am quite happy I am not a politician these days, and while I may be disgruntled at how they are not really doing their jobs, at least I am not in a country that is constantly being bombed and where we all have pretty much the same rights and freedoms as our neighbors, not to mention our spouses. 

I’m usually a pretty upbeat person.  I’d rather see the positive in life than dwell on the negative.  I’ve known those people.  You know the ones I am referring to; they are always depressed and melancholy and Eeyore seems to be their role model.  They seem to have more to complain about than they do to be thankful for and it’s all a matter of focus.

In America, Thanksgiving looms at the end of this month with its turkey dinner, pumpkin pie, and that cranberry sauce I really hate.  It’s a time to gather around with family and friends and give thanks for the many blessings in this world and while most will associate it with some religion or another, you don’t have to be a church member to stop for a moment and be thankful for the many fortunes you have in your life.  It’s time to be grateful, instead of selfish; focus on what you have, instead of what you want.  That comes next month with Christmas.
Some of the people I am most thankful for

So, here is the challenge.  Each day in the month of November list one thing you are grateful for and if you have a social media account of some kind post it on all of them.  Post it here on the comment section as well and share your blessings with the rest of us.  Wouldn’t it be great if the comments were filled daily with people saying thank you for something in their lives?

And then pass on the challenge. By the end of the month, we should all be feeling the attitude of gratitude as a daily habit that keeps our vision positive instead of negative.  I’ll even start it off by saying that I am thankful for you, the one reading this post right now, for taking time out of your busy day to visit the Mess and share in my random thoughts and idiocy.  I am grateful that you are a part of my world.

Now, what are you grateful for?

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