Friday, November 8, 2013

No Shave November

Chad once he was out of the Marines
I had heard of it, but I assumed it was just something Chad, Zac, and Nathaniel came up with to make themselves look like cavemen and to drive us crazy.  I never dreamed it was an actual event with sponsors until I Googled it just for kicks.  I know that sounds perverted, but I’m not the one who named Google.  Blame them.

I came up with a couple of creators for this hair gone wild month.  One began as Movember where men allowed their mustaches to grow in awareness of prostate cancer or other male health issues.  I’m not sure how growing facial hair was to make me think of a small gland about the size of a walnut between my bladder and my manly parts, but someone put the two together in 2004 and the movement was out the barber’s door.  Now when I compliment someone on their cheesy mustache, I automatically ask how their prostate is doing.   I don’t know if they think I am offering an exam or not, but many just cover their ass with their hands and walk away.

I also discovered the official No Shave November site. This didn’t surprise me, because there is a site for anything and everything these days as many sad men are finding out just before they are handcuffed and thrown into the back of a squad car.  The idea is to grow awareness by growing all hair, not just the mustache, because many cancer patients lose their hair.  You are then suppose to donate the money you saved by not shaving to the American Cancer Society to help further its research of this devastating disease.  According to their web site the money will go to educate people about cancer prevention and to aid those fighting cancer.

Zac, not so bushy
Now, before you ladies think this is a male gender only activity the web site makes it clear that it is for everyone.  Women can participate by “letting those legs get mangly (Their word, not mine) and skipping that waxing appointment.”  While I’m all for donating the money and believe it is a worthy cause, I’m not sure I want the girls to grow hairier legs than me.

In November of 2009, this campaign hit Facebook with under 50 people.  However, just four years later, thousands of people from all over the world have left their razors on the counter and joined the fight. As of this writing, or rather typing, their Facebook page has 23,808 LIKES.  Not bad for only four years. 

Everyone has been touched by cancer in some way or another, whether family members, friends, coworkers, or your own personal battle.  This cause cannot get enough attention or publicity.  Whether you drop the razor or not, you can still share the cause with others through your social media sites and email.  You can donate money, as well.  The only thing you cannot do is remain quiet.  As the actors in that commercial are saying right now, it’s time to make some noise.  We can see this life-taking disease come to an end.  We can help and stop seeing loved ones suffering without hope.  I challenge you to be one of those voices.  Let’s see an end to cancer.

Zac trying to show Nathaniel some love

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  1. Thanks for doing this, Robbie. Sadly, yes, we've all been touched by cancer, or will be. Please tweet me any updates, pics, etc. Happy to circulate them. :) @CassidyJonesAdv

    1. My pleasure, Elise, and I will be sure to share. Thanks for visiting and commenting.