Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Miami Take Two

Something wrong about this...
Our second day in Miami, we woke early to sample their continental breakfast.  If you read my post from last week about the breakfasts found in some hotels, you know we weren’t impressed.  I actually settled for Frosted Flakes and coffee.  Always coffee.

Taylor and Margie had their own agenda that day, so the girls and I decided to go back to Bayside Marketplace and do some shopping and enjoy the view.  It was Saturday, so the traffic wasn’t bad and what had taken us forty-five minutes the day before in almost crawling traffic, now only took us about twenty.  What a difference a day makes, right?

Parking was quick and easy and this time we could see the War on War exhibit without street lamps shining down on it.  We took some pictures of the exhibit, which made even less sense in the daylight, and then hung around a tree, a couple of us literally, and took some more pictures.  We always love photo shoot opportunities.  I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Bayside Marketplace was a lot different in the daylight hours.  The people were different, the scenery looked different, and the atmosphere was even different.  It was relaxing.  The first set of shops appeared like flea market booths.  There were kiosks as well like little peddler wagons set up throughout the walkway.  The merchandise was sometimes craft items or touristy paraphernalia.  We popped in and browsed around, taking our time.  We had a time to leave by, but plenty of minutes before that time arrived. 

Char and Sarah, up in a tree
Of course, we had to buy.  Sarah bought a hat, Char a hoodie, and I purchased two new hats.  Teri got to hold the bags. 

We walked into one store and the clerk screamed as if we were long lost friends, hugged us, gave high fives, and immediately started shoving shirts into our hands.  “For you, buy one, get one free.  These are great shirts.  You will love them.”   Of course, at those prices I felt like I should have received four free for the one I bought.  We were able to lose his interest with the next customers that came through the door.  My wallet was definitely not big enough for him.

We did decide to pop into the Mojito Bar for an afternoon adult beverage and a cigar for me.  The day was overcast and cool as it had been raining all weekend long.  The air had dried up some, but left the coolness in the breeze.  We walked in and browsed the drinks menu.

The girls wanted either a mojito or a margarita.  “Do you want a medium or a large?”

I had never been asked that when buying a cocktail, unless it was at Chili’s and I was ordering a beer.  “How much is the medium?”

Drinks, please...

“Twenty-four dollars.”

I stared at her.  Paying for parking was bad enough, but $24 bucks for a drink?  “Don’t you have a small?”  She did, for nine bucks, and so we ordered those.  As it turned out the small was the size of a normal drink anywhere else.

A little while later we watched someone else be handed a medium-sized drink and it was over a foot tall and probably in a glass about four inches wide.  I’d be sipping on it all night long if I had ordered that.

The view from Bayside Marketplace
We sat back, I lit my cigar, and we watched the other tourists on a walking tour of the place and the cruise ships venturing out into the Atlantic.  Our drinks were brought and we settled back lost in conversation and each other.  It was great to relax and just be in the moment.

While we were there another photo shoot was going on for some models on a television reality show.  They stood by some drums in the bar and with the owners, their pictures being snapped by professional photographers.  We had seen a couple of other sets of four models in varying attire, walking around having their pictures taken as well.  It was a pretty day for it and with the ships in the marina behind us, it had a beautiful backdrop.

About one o’clock it was time to pack it up and head back to the hotel to get ready for the awards ceremony that we were down there for.  Of course, a nap was not going to hurt and we had left plenty of time for it.  We hadn’t ventured beyond our hotels and Bayside Marketplace, but the trip had been well worth it and quite enjoyable.  Maybe we’ll drop down and take a better look around another day.  Being only three hours away, it would be a shame not to.  For now though, it was time to get ready for the ceremony.

Hello, Miami!

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  1. Great post, Robbie! Now I know what I missed while getting my car repaired! LOL

    1. It was a relaxing afternoon. Glad you were able to get your car fixed, but even happier you purchased a new one.