Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How Is Your Gratefulness?

I am more than grateful for these ladies.
One of the biggest complaints of many employees as well as family members is the feeling of being underappreciated.  It’s been one of the things we’ve had to instill in the kids, especially the 9 year-old who seems to be growing up in a generation of grab and run instead of sit and savor.  You spend an afternoon fixing her favorite dish or stop what you are doing to play a game or watch a show with her and after it’s all over and done with she is up and gone without so much as a goodbye. 

“Hey, get back here.”

“Yes, sir?”

“How about a thank you or something?  Where did your manners go?”  And then I pull out my mother’s line.  “Were you raised in a barn among the animals?”  Of course, looking at her room anyone would think she was living in a barn or rather a pigpen.

However, it’s not just the 9 year-old that suffers from showing a lack of appreciation.  We are all guilty of it.  The clerk bags our groceries and we snatch the plastic bag and move on.  The waiter is doing his job by bringing our food, but some appreciation could still be shown and would probably improve the service.  Teachers hear parents grumble and complain, but how often do they hear a sincere thank you for teaching their children?

I am a firm believer that you can change the atmosphere around you by being a positive force of energy and part of that is living with a grateful heart.  We wait too long most times before we show our care, our love, and our thankfulness.  Time may seem long on this earth at times, but it isn’t, and we need to use the years we are given to bring a positive change to the world.  That doesn’t mean you have to do great and amazing things.  Your contribution could just as very easily being able to say “Thank you” to someone and seeing the smile change their day.  Then, hopefully, they will smile at someone else and pay it forward.  If it goes well and everyone does their portion, a domino effect will take place and soon your one smile has changed the day for several people.

The best outcome, however, is how it will make you feel inside.  There is always a warmth that comes with being able to be grateful for something and to express it.  It will change the focus of your thoughts and your outlook on things.  You’ll cease looking for something to grumble about if you’re searching for things to be grateful for and before you know it you’ll have an abundance of appreciation to show.

Make the choice to be an affirming force today.  If you only start with one person, let them know how much you appreciate something about them.  Don’t assume they know.  People like to hear it.  They need to hear it.  Be the one to let them know they matter, that their efforts are noticed and you appreciate what they do.  Show someone some gratefulness today and then share it with us here at the Mess.  We’d love to know how it went.  Together, we can bring change to this world.

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