Monday, January 20, 2014

Those Self-appointed Cyber Police

We should all be this content
They think they are the Self-appointed Cyber Police.  Personally, I call them busybodies, tattle tales, narcs, cry babies, and self-righteous old bitties with too much time on their hands.  They really should mind their own business and cease their obnoxious interference into other people’s lives.

I suppose I just don’t understand the thinking of some people.   I know the world contains those individuals who are letter-of-the-law types, but if you choose to follow me on any of the many social media sites that I am a part of, then don’t gripe about what I post.  I promise, I won’t complain about what you post.  It’s true.  I won’t.  What I will do is just stop following you if I don’t care for what you share.  To me, that is the grown up thing to do.  After all, I probably didn’t ask you to follow me.  It was your choice.  Not that I care if you follow me, because I don’t.  I love the interaction with everyone.  However, if what I post offends you, then you might wish to just click Unfollow or Unfriend or any of the other terms that mean the same thing, because I am not going to change.

You’re probably wondering what has brought on this rant, so allow me to give a little background.  For those who do not realize it, I am on my second Pinterest account.  If you were following me before, you may have noticed that I am no longer appearing on your board.  That is because someone didn’t care for my content and sent a complaint to the Pinterest people who, instead of telling me what was going on and what the issue was, closed the account and will not answer my emails.  So, I did what everyone else probably does.  I created a new account.  You can reach me at if you care to follow me and if you aren’t a tattle tale.

It didn’t stop there.  It went to Facebook.  I had a picture I posted reported for being inappropriate.  Facebook didn’t tell me which picture or who tried to get me into trouble.  They did, however, say that there was nothing wrong with the picture and to ignore the complaint.  I took it to mean, “Ignore the idiots.”

I have come to realize that people just love to complain about something.  It makes them happy somehow in a sad, pathetic sort of way.  It’s like those who complain about people posting their nightly dinner.  Or the game requests that people send out.  Now, while I may make fun of those who do it once in awhile, it’s merely because I’m a smart ass and enjoy making fun of things.  I in no way really care that they posted it.  If I did I would merely stop their posts from coming into my feed or stop following them.  I truly don’t see the big deal over the notifications.  I simply ignore them.  If that is all people have to be upset about, then they’re life is pretty damn good.

Why fret over small stuff and allow it to get under your skin?  Part of being accepted for who you are is the ability to accept others for who they are as well.  Don’t close yourself off by being so critical and narrow minded.  The world is vast and diverse with many things to enjoy all around us.  There is enough evil in the world today for us to be critical about that we shouldn’t need to worry about who ate what for dinner, what game they played on Facebook, or what they posted on Pinterest.  Open your arms by opening your minds.

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  1. Well said, Robbie! Too often corporations (and people) give in to this moral high ground some people believe they stand on. I don't understand this petty nonsense. As you said, it's social media, and no one has to follow anyone else if they're offended by our content. Shame on Pinterest for not protecting your rights.

    1. Thanks, Darcia. I would have just appreciated being told which picture they didn't like. And the funny thing is all of mine were repins from other people lol.

  2. Trying this again...Screw them and just be yourself. To hell with people like that because they obviously have way, way too much free time. Like you said, they always have the option to unfollow you/us...whatever. Pfft...

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. I would have had more respect if they had the guts to say something to me instead of just clicking REPORT. Brave behind a mouse.

  3. Robbie, this is my problem with "social" media. We - including you and me - have given permission for people to ask about things that aren't any of their business, pry, be nosy, invade, obsess, and in the end, behave badly as if this was some virtual playground and it is all right to be mean. Yellow journalism gives way to yellow social interaction. Not enough of us insisted on acceptable behaviors in the beginning. We assumed that people would know how to behave properly and simply would. And when that didn't happen, too many simply tuned out or turned away instead of putting their foot down the virtual throats. Etiquette died (I'm going to be speaking of this shortly).

    You did all the right things and you got burned by the great misbehaved. There are always malicious. I applaud your responses. Just know it may happen again because not enough (yet) have said, "Enough!" or insisted on standards of behavior. Just my 3 pennies.

    1. As long as we walk this earth there will always be those who think it their duty to police the rest of us in order to save us from ourselves whether we are wanting that saving or not. I have no doubt I will be "busted" again lol. However, I've always enjoyed pushing the envelope.

      Thanks, for your three cents, my friend :)