Wednesday, February 12, 2014

That Day of Love is Coming

Happy Valentine's Day!
It’s almost here, only a couple of days away. Valentine’s Day. The day that some look forward to every year and others dread. It’s filled with candy, flowers, cards, dinners out and jewelry, and those are just the normal offerings. I can see the reason some love this day. It’s a time for them to be spoiled or to spoil the one they love. I can also see why some are envious. They don’t have that person in their life and hate being reminded of it.

However, there is a third group. They hate the holiday because “Why limit my expression of love to just one day?” Ah, this person feels it cheapens the romance to be told to do it on just one day. “I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I show my love all year long.”

Sounds good. However, most of the time it is merely an excuse to avoid the fact that they don’t want to buy flowers or take their loved one out. I have seen this before and if I did see those expressions being shown throughout the year then I might give it credence. Yet, most often people go through the motions of a relationship in the midst of a busy life and barely kiss their spouse goodbye in the morning. There are no love notes. No flowers at spontaneous moments. No dinners out just because they wanted to surprise their special person. They may allow them to hold the remote control one night, but that is pushing it.

Love should be shown every day. However, there is also nothing wrong with setting one day out of the year to the side to celebrate that relationship. To avoid it merely because the greeting card companies have a percentage of the profits is ridiculous. I’d rather not celebrate my birthday than skip this day of romantic love and not just because I am tired of being reminded of how old I am getting.

The girls and I celebrate Valentine’s Day every year. We usually go to the same restaurant, order a few drinks, and laugh the night away thinking about the past year. Do we do these things on other days, as well? Yes, more often than my bank account would like sometimes. Still, I would not skip another chance to spoil them and show them how much they mean to me. That’s the whole point. We don’t celebrate our mothers Mother’s Day or our fathers on Father’s Day because we ignore them the rest of the year. At least, I hope we don’t. I often wonder if those same people who do not celebrate Valentine’s Day skip these holidays, as well. I bet they don’t.

Never pass up a chance to show your love to someone. You may not get the chance tomorrow and that will be one regret that is hard to overcome.

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