Monday, March 3, 2014

No Joking about Disney

We had had reservations at Outback Steak House, which had become our traditional Valentine’s Day dinner out. Well, not really reservations, because places no longer believe in those. They want to be surprised when people show up and then understaffed. Of course, you also lose business because people told that they will need to wait forty-five minutes for a table sometimes becomes a little extreme. The best they will do is write your name down on a list and the time you will be there. However, when you get there that doesn’t really mean anything, at all.

Anyway, that isn’t what I was writing about, just a disclaimer announcing that I did have plans for Valentine’s Day.

The day started with a trip to IKEA to pick up the wall unit for my study along with some things for the 9-year old’s room. Once the van was loaded up, we headed to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch, a quick trip inside Downtown Disney so Char could purchase a jacket that wound up not being there, and then we were heading home to prepare for our evening out. We didn’t even have to worry about the little one as one of her friends was having several friends sleep over. We were childless with no curfew.

And then the joke was made. “You know, we have those passes for Disney, we could always start using them tonight,” Teri said with a slight giggle in her voice.

The rest of us just turned to stare at her, even the one driving. You could feel the excitement bubble up in the car and Teri knew she had just made a joke that was taken as a serious suggestion. You see, you don’t joke about Disney with the rest of us. We’ll be loaded in the car and ready to go before the words have finished passing you lips. We’re not Disney freaks so much as enthusiasts. It’s taken us some stern looks and tapping foots to keep the kitchen from being made into a Disney display of cookery. Or the bathroom. I do have Disney toppers on my van’s antennae, however.

So at eight o’clock, we had picked up a couple of friends and were on our way to the Magic Kingdom to spend our Valentine’s Day. It had been the first time Char and I had been there in about a dozen years. For Teri it had been about eight and Sarah about five years since they had passed through those special gates. We were all giddy and more than ready for the experience. We had no plans, no specific ride we wanted to enjoy, and no timetable other than the park closing at one. We just wanted to go.

We hit Main Street and were stuck there for about the first hour of our visit if not longer. And we weren’t regretting it, at all.

Disney has a show called Celebrate the Magic, a fantastic light and video show that uses Cinderella’s Castle as the screen. It is amazing. In giant proportions and full color, an array of Disney movies new and old dances across the castle walls, stopping everyone in their tracks and capturing the attention of even the hardest ride-goer. You have to watch. And we did.

We also cried. Well, the girls did. I’m hardcore. I just sniffled. The moving display before us stirred the emotions of each and brought back memories that had been growing dust in the corners of our minds. We were there. The Happiest Place on Earth. I know there are those anti-Disney people for whatever reason, but if you allow yourself to let go, this place holds a wonder that no other has and it grips you. I can see why this was always my mother’s escape when a break from reality was needed.

So there are no more jokes about going to Disney, because we’ll go. Tonight. Now. Cancel the plans. It’s time for some magic.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Hey, Robbie. I love you, man, you know that, I I mean that, from the main aorta, the one who pumps love, but I hate to admit I'm one of those "for whatever reason" people.

    Perhaps it was because I earned a Fellowship at the studio in 2001 and saw the very ugly machinatioins going on behind the magic.

    perhaps it was because when I lived in Florida in 2005, I was in dire straits and had to take a job in the parks for a summer to help pay the bills. While I absolutely loved interacting with guestS and, in fact, being a part of their magic, when I stepped "backstage" amid the bitter, underpaid cast members, my world changed. I loved walking across Epcot in my pilot's suit (I worked at Soarin') and saluting guests as they smiled at me. But when I stepped back to the trailer waiting to begin my time at the attraction ... tension, baby. High tension.

    I'm not a cynic. It's just that the contrast between this magical place that filled me with wonder and the reality behind the scenes broke my heart. I never recovered. I won't tell you what I saw, man. Keep that dream full and rich and bouncing like a newborn. You're a good dude, and you deserve the magic.

    1. Matthew, I can totally relate to what you said. I feel that way about the church. Don't want to be disillusioned, don't look behind the curtain. My sister worked at Hollywood Studios back when it was MGM so I know a little of what happens behind the scenes. It is a business when it gets boiled down and run by people.

      Magic is where we see it and I like to create my own wherever I go. Thanks for visiting and commenting, my friend. I always appreciate your insights.

  2. I live here in Florida and have been to Disney once. That was enough for me. It was crowded and smelled like a combination of old grease, new sweat, and too much perfume. Then again, I'm not a fan of crowded places in general and avoid them when possible. (Except for concerts. I endure crowded places in exchange for great music.) My husband and both my sons feel the same, so I'm not holding anyone back. But I can see the appeal Disney holds. We all need a magical place in our lives.

    I do love Sweet Tomatoes. Great choice for lunch!

    1. Sweet Tomatoes rocks and I wish there was one closer to us.

      I hate crowds myself usually unless of course I am people watching and then I just take my time meandering through the madness. I also found several things that were rather annoying, but saved those for other posts lol.

      Thanks for visiting, Darcia :)

  3. Hmmm..I like your thinking but I have to say, I have Disney issues. LOL I remember going there as a kid and loving it, truly. These days, my mother is everything Mickey including having 2, yes, 2 showers dedicated to him by tiling his image into the walls. It is a wonderful place to visit and absolutely magical, however, selling a waterfront home with Mickey showers can prove to be quite the challenge. : ) Good stuff, my friend.

    1. LOL..I can imagine it would be. No, I'm not painting Mickey on my walls unless it's in the 9-year old's room. Of course, I wouldn't mind a Mickey Mouse waffle iron....just sayin'.

      Thanks for visiting, my friend.