Monday, March 24, 2014

Road Rage Doesn’t Need a Road

When I am tired, in a hurry, or just plain grumpy–I know it’s hard to believe me being grumpy–I can suffer from road rage. It’s true. People on the road are idiots and need their license revoked. They are either too slow or too fast, they forget turning signals, or they rush past me only to cut me off and then slow down. That one drives me crazy the most, especially when there is plenty of lane behind me.

However, pedestrian traffic is quite often just as bad as the congestion on the roadways. This is compounded during the holiday season or at attractions such as Disney. People become so lost in their own agendas and course that they don’t stop to think about the people around them. They will suddenly stop right in front of you without ass lights to warn you that their feet are about to slam on the brakes, so you wind up rear-ending them, and yes, that play of words was on purpose. Furthermore, they will suddenly turn without any warning or blinker and you’re forced to hit the brakes again, spilling your overpriced Coke all over your overpriced souvenir shirt. You’d think they would at least glance behind them to see if it was clear to suddenly change directions, but nope, they just veer and we have to swerve.

There should also be lanes for foot traffic that would flow just as regular traffic, each lane going in a certain direction. Of course, you would still get those people who insist on going against the flow and causing chaos. We should be allowed to issue pedestrian tickets for this type of infraction. It’s not that it isn’t obvious how everyone else is moving and that they would be safer and faster in the other lane, but no, they are just like those people on the interstates that do not realize there is a fast lane and a slower-traffic-don’t-get-run-over lane. They think they’re salmon and insist on going against the natural flow of the stream.

And then there are those people with strollers. These people are just downright mean. They have this massive, clunky contraption and assume that for that simple fact people will move out of their way. They will edge and force their way into traffic, bringing everyone to an abrupt stop, front ends ramming back ends, people honking, confused at the sudden stop in traffic. Most of the time you do not even get a “Pardon Me” or “Excuse me.” They just edge out and assume everyone will stop for them. I don’t mind being nice, but I prefer not to be forced into it. Allow me the honor of being chivalrous on my own.

People are unaware of their surroundings for the most part, lost in their own worlds and entertainments. With their minds so filled with “Self” it is hard to think of those around them and that is when accidents happen, five person pile up outside the Haunted Mansion. I don’t think I am asking much, just be aware that there might be someone behind you and use caution. In other words, be polite, use your manners, think outside your agenda. If you do, I might even allow you in front of me.

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