Friday, April 25, 2014

The Balance of Contentment

Last time we visited, I spoke about being content with your lot in life, with your possessions that surround you. Being satisfied is a way to find peace within oneself. Yet, that is also harder said–or typed–than done. Sometimes, we just aren’t satisfied with our lot. We want more. Well, not necessarily more, but better. We want better things and a better position in life. It’s hard to be content when you simply want something better with your life. So, how do you find that contentment?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself. Actually, I feel sorry for those who don’t want to better themselves. Life is a chance to improve who we are, to learn new things, to grow. The key is find that balance between being content where you are and striving to improve at the same time.

I talked about my sitting area in the backyard last time. I have visions of how I want it to be in the end, tall trees, new furniture, a wooden deck, maybe even a light or two. However, for now all I have are two chairs and a round table. It’s not what I want in the end, but for now it works and I’m quite content with it. Yet, those are things, not careers or knowledge.

I have several friends returning to school to finish their education. Some are learning how to paint and others how to shoot or build things. Some, like myself, are even starting new careers and chasing their dreams. I know some who are exploring the world around them, taking trips at home and even venturing overseas. They are broadening themselves, stretching, growing. They are content with their lives, but also wanting to improve. That’s the balance. Once you achieve that peace, once you become satisfied, then it is time to move forward because only then can you truly appreciate it. You won’t be doing it out of a sense of frustration or futility. You’ll be doing it out of a sense of calm desire. You’ll also be able to enjoy the journey, to savor each step along the way because you will not be desperate to get out of whatever you are in.

Motivation is the difference that brings the right balance to your contentment and helps maintain your peace. 

There is nothing wrong with improving yourself. We should all wish to do that. It helps keep our minds active and functioning and assists in keeping mind decay at bay. First, however, you have to learn to be happy where you are and if you aren’t, then it is time to move until you can find that state of mind. Savor the present while looking to the future. Be content where you are, but always be moving forward. You’ll find your life more in balance and harmony if you do.

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