Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Political Parties

Look at all of those crazy people down there
Anyone who has read The Mess for any lengthy period of time or who have spent any amount of time talking to me knows that I rarely discuss religion or politics. I don’t mind discussing them, mind you. I just prefer having intelligent discussions on the subjects and not debate with an asinine ignoramus who really doesn’t wish to talk about issues, but who wants to merely rant like an elementary school student on the playground. These people believe that if they scream louder than everyone else and use harsh language and negative comments then they’ll win their argument. You can’t argue with arrogant ignorance, so I don’t try. They may think they’ve won, but in reality I have because I have now discovered another part of the problem with our country.

However, lately my social media newsfeeds have been full of both political parties doing their best to make each other out to be the bad guy. The problem is that the ones pointing a finger are just as corrupt as the ones they are pointing at. I don’t care if they’re Democrat or Republican. Both parties want to control the nation. Yet, neither party can control themselves. They’re politicians and therefore not to be trusted. Stop defending your political party and bashing the other. Start standing up for people and for yourself. Stand up for things that matter.

Furthermore, stop getting all of your news from just one source. Realize that the media is slanted in one direction or the other and there is no such thing as neutral journalism. They want you to believe in what they believe in, so will slant their stories to attempt to sway you. Also, do not just click and share the things you come across on social media. Be your own investigative reporter and discover if the story is accurate before sharing it. Then, only share the facts. Part of their game is to breed the confusion of information and if you just click without fact checking, then you are part of the problem working for those who would spread propaganda to keep you ignorant of the truth of what is really going on. You are only adding to the distraction that is keeping people from discovering the reality of an issue.

We need to pull together, not rip apart

There are too many citizens blindly following those who would lead them over a cliff. We have proven how gullible we are to buy the pack of lies that we are constantly being handed. No one gets anything for free. You will be paying for their handouts with your future freedoms and we can already see this taking place in several areas today. If you so blindly hand over your liberties, then you deserve the future that awaits you.

I’m not telling you which issues to stand up for or to abandon your party or convictions. I am telling you to research for yourself all sides of a matter and only repeat the facts, not other’s opinions or what comes through your newsfeeds. I’m not here to sway you in one direction or another. We can have those debates if you want, but that’s not the basis of this rant. All I want is for you to ease being blind in who you follow and what you repeat. We have enough parrots as it is. When you post in ignorance, you hurt your party more than you help them and as a people we’re confused enough already. Isn’t it time we prove to the politicians we’re not as stupid as they think we are?

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