Monday, June 30, 2014

Crossing Genres

One of the many things I enjoy about being an indie author is that I’m in complete control of what I write. My brain is not wired to think along one track. I hop trains of thought continuously just to explore an idea that has caught my attention. I started with a crime drama of sorts with the short story, Circle of Justice, and then I published my urban fantasy novella, Reaping the Harvest. After those came a collection of creative nonfiction in A Confused Life, based off of posts right here at the Mess. The next book to come out is going to be an erotic novel. Losing Faith is the first in the Rutherford Series and my attempt of steamy romance with sizzling scenes.

And the projects continue from there. Holiday Hindsight a collection of nostalgic essays about those last three months of the year, should be out in September and I am currently working the first draft of Fields of Harvest, the second book in the Warrior of the Way series. I have more fantasy novels simmering on the back burner as well as some murder mysteries, short stories and even more erotica. As I said above, my mind loves to jump around.

So, how do I handle crossing genres with my audience? At first, I looked at how other authors managed it. Some just blended it all together and hoped the right audience would find them, much like when a popular author starts a new series that is quite different from what they were currently writing even if it is the same genre. Others, I noticed, use a different pen name for each genre that they write in so as not to confuse people. I had to decide which way was going to work best for me. Many come to the Mess because they enjoy the humorous family content while others enjoy the self-improvement posts. It was realized that not all of the Mess readers would enjoy the erotic writings that are coming, and really, that’s okay. Everyone has their personal tastes as well as viewpoints.

The girls and I decided it would be best to separate the two so as not to alienate anyone. People could enjoy one or the other or even both if they desired to have a taste of it all. I also decided not to use a pen name. My entire life I have been teased because of my last name being Cox. It was now time to make it work for me. So, one author, but two sites to cater to my varying trains of thought are now being offered for your reading pleasure. The Mess That Is Me will continue as is. We’ll ramble about this and that, share our family trips and new discoveries with you and I’ll continue to rant about all the things that annoy me. It’s also where you will hear about all of the non-erotic writings, all perfectly safe for everyone’s eyes.

In order to promote the erotic novels, we have begun Behind the Peephole. The new blog will explore not only my over-18-only writing, but also delve into the workings of a variety of relationships. Those who wish to join us on this new extension of our journey will be able to do so and those who aren’t interested can safely remain at the Mess and continue to participate in what we do here. You can also join us on Facebook at Behind the Peephole and keep up with everything going on. I hope you’ll consider joining us at both the new blog as well as the new page.

It’s exciting to see what is coming up and whether you join us at Behind the Peephole or not, I hope you wish us luck. Either way, this will be the only time we advertise the naughtier side of the Mess here. The two will be kept separate for now as we work on building a new website to encompass it all. Like I said, exciting things are coming. I hope you join us for the ride.

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