Thursday, May 19, 2016

“I’d Rather Share My Husband”

It’s about to happen again. We’re moving. Although we’re not looking forward to the chaos and disorder that comes from packing up a house and hauling it across town, we are eager to be living back on the beach. The problem is going to come when we begin to arrange the furniture and decorate. Most couples have no problem doing this. The woman decorates and the man keeps his mouth shut and signs the checks. However, I live with three ladies, who I affectionately call my girls, who have similar, and yet, varying tastes. They also run the gamut from very conservative and formal to eclectic and bright. My job, other than signing the checks, is to attempt to keep a balance between it all as well as tempers from being flared. It’s all part of living together in our home.

A friend of ours says she couldn’t do it. “I’d rather share my husband than have to share my house with another woman.” I can understand. It’s her domain. She wants it to look like she wants it and not someone else’s design. Her home needs to represent her worldview and decorative tastes. Her home is about her and I can understand that.

However, ours is about a family and it takes a little more effort to make sure everyone is represented. That’s going to require patience, communication, compromise, and a brand new bottle of Jameson.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Lunch Break Reads

The Fangirls series started out as an experiment. Wait, that’s not exactly true. Nikki, the first in the series, started out as a short story I was writing for an anthology, but for which I decided against. Then, people were telling me to take one of my novels and divide it up into four or five parts and sell those for ninety-nine cents and then put them all together for a higher price. From what I understand, others have had great success doing this. Yet, I couldn’t think of taking one of my books, like Losing Faith, and dividing it into smaller novellas. I liked my books to actually be books. Still, I was intrigued enough to give it a try, just in a different way. Therefore, Nikki became the first in a series of novelettes that would follow the journey of authors and fans and the love that could be sparked.

To be honest, I’ve had mixed responses, although all of them have been great. One review stated, “What a fun fun read! But omg really?!? I want more!! While this is my first book by Robbie, I am completely fangirling myself!! Looking forward to the rest of the series!” and another, “Nikki is a novella and a very quick read, I read the entire book in less than an hour. My only "complaint" is that I want it to be longer, I want to know what happens with Nikki and her new friend, although it's not a cliffhanger. This story flows very nicely and isn't choppy in the least. If you're looking for a short quick read, pick this one up. You won't be disappointed!” Readers love the stories; they just want them longer. However, they’re satisfied with the story, because the novelettes satisfy. I received a Facebook message one day that explains it well. “So I read Nikki and Lily on Tuesday. LOVED them! Such easy quick reads. Perfect storyline. Good pace. The best part, I felt accomplished when I finished reading. I didn't have that feeling of "OMG I gotta hurry with dinner and family/house stuff and get back to that book." Refreshing! Now, while it is great to have that book you just can’t put down or wait to get back to, it was a nice change. Can't wait until this weekend to read the other two.”

And that’s the response I was really hoping for when I published them. Quick reads that not only entertain, but leave the reader feeling satisfied with completing an entire tale. There is no cliffhanger, no needing to wait until the next book comes out. Each story is a complete tale and the reader gets the whole story. These are what I call Lunch Break Reads, short stories that people can read while eating their lunch or riding the bus or even waiting for their children to rehearse for an upcoming concert. They don’t require hours of time, leaving a reader frustrated when they keep getting interrupted and having to put the book down. 

There are more of these Lunch Break Reads in the works and not all romances. The plan is to publish a few in-between the larger works and, hopefully, readers are entertained enough to venture into my novels. We may even put some background stories together for characters of my series to give something to those readers who want to know more about the characters they’ve grown to love. To be honest, I’m looking forward to writing these short tales, for they’re just as much a quick accomplishment for me as they are for the reader. I’m hoping we both enjoy the discovery of these stories.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Until next time, keep chasing your fantasies!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

It’s Fiction, not Autobiography

“I read your book last week.”

“Oh? I hope you liked it.”

“Very much so. But I just have to ask, did you really kill that guy like that? I mean, that was pretty brutal. How did it feel?”

“Excuse me? I haven’t killed anyone. What the hell are you talking about?”

“The murder scene in chapter eleven where you snuck up on Charles while he was getting his kids hot dogs, slit his throat and then stuffed him into the grill. Weren’t you scared?”

“I didn’t kill Charles. My character, Peter Branston killed Charles. It’s a murder mystery, you know, fiction. It’s not a true story.”

Monday, May 9, 2016

You Deserve Better

Six years ago, Sarah found herself in a hostile work environment. The manager of her company was a controlling, domineering man who tried to insinuate his way into the nooks and crannies of his employees’ lives as if he had a right to control their personal time. If they didn’t kowtow to what he dictated was a proper use of their free time, he would punish them in some way at work. He was belligerent, cruel, and vindictive, doing whatever he could to embarrass and mock those who he deemed as disappointments to him.

Now anyone who has met Sarah knows she has a strong personality. She goes after what she wants and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s a go-getter who would rather blaze a trail than follow a well-worn path. So, why did she settle for this type of environment? Simple. It was accepted by those around her and she was convinced she needed what this employer had to offer. It’s the same with anyone who finds themselves in this situation. They want to fit in, to be accepted, or they feel they won’t succeed without what the other person or group is holding over their head. Sarah didn’t need what this man promised, which wasn’t anything, really, except a job. Needless to say, we quickly rescued her from that environment and severed all ties with the people there.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sex Is Not the Story

I know, it sounds weird coming from an erotic writer, but it’s the truth. At least, it is for me. I don’t write sex stories. I write stories that have sex in them. To me, there is a difference. I’m not criticizing those that just write to share sex, because I love to read those stories, as well, and love it when the girls do. It tends to make for some steamy evenings. Still, those are not the stories I write. I want the sex to be a by-product of the tale I am trying to tell, not the other way around.

Furthermore, I don’t explore sex. I explore relationships. Again, not criticizing those who do. I prefer to see what makes certain people tick inside of specific situations. In Losing Faith, it wasn’t just the control Faith wanted to experience that I was exploring, but how the Greers responded within that exploration. It is also a learning experience to see how those around them responded to what was going on as personalities evolved and people were tossed into situations beyond their comfort level. Those are the stories I like to tell.