Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sex Is Not the Story

I know, it sounds weird coming from an erotic writer, but it’s the truth. At least, it is for me. I don’t write sex stories. I write stories that have sex in them. To me, there is a difference. I’m not criticizing those that just write to share sex, because I love to read those stories, as well, and love it when the girls do. It tends to make for some steamy evenings. Still, those are not the stories I write. I want the sex to be a by-product of the tale I am trying to tell, not the other way around.

Furthermore, I don’t explore sex. I explore relationships. Again, not criticizing those who do. I prefer to see what makes certain people tick inside of specific situations. In Losing Faith, it wasn’t just the control Faith wanted to experience that I was exploring, but how the Greers responded within that exploration. It is also a learning experience to see how those around them responded to what was going on as personalities evolved and people were tossed into situations beyond their comfort level. Those are the stories I like to tell.

I also don’t want to rush the story. The extremely short story for 99 cents seems rampant, nowadays. I want more. I want to get to know my characters. I want to see where they travel on their journey. I could write a few quick stories with sex as the main character and toss them out there, but so far what I have seen is some pretty poor writing. I suppose it depends on what you are trying to do with your writing as to which course you take. Are you wanting to merely tell some stories and see your name in print, perhaps bought by friends and family? Or do you really want to be a writer who makes it on their creative course? Don’t rush your story because you want to see some money coming in. You’ll make more if you slow down and tell the full story, perfect your craft, and don’t cheat your readers.

I’ve read some books lately––short stories if I was going by size––that came across like a bad porn movie. I don’t want to write those stories. It is for that reason I hesitate to put “Erotic Novel” on my covers. I want to be seen more as a storyteller than a teller of sex stories. I want the sex in my books to be an expression of what is happening and not the reason for it. However, I don’t want people to be shocked, either, when they pick up any of the Rutherford Series and find what happens between the sheets is now taking place against the giant plate glass window. (You really should read Losing Faith to see what I am referring to.)

I’m still fairly new at all of this and figuring a lot of things out. However, what I do know is that good writing takes time and the more you invest in a story, the more readers you will gain. This isn’t a high school creative writing class. This is your passion and love. Devote time to learning it and give it your all. Write your story, the one deep inside of you that just has to get out. If it has sex in it, don’t apologize. However, don’t force the scenes, either. Your characters will tell you when it’s time for the dirty deed to happen. Trust them. Trust your story.

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Until next time, keep chasing your fantasies!

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